Welcome to our World

On March 7th 2015, Dan and I began an experiment. We'd been friends for years and whenever we got together the conversation inevitably came back to movies. I had been listening to podcasts for several years and always thought I too could do that, but I wanted a partner. Whenever we began our animated discussions about film, I thought Dan would be a great podcasting partner.  Dan hesitated initially as he listened to some podcasts but wasn't sure he could bring something new. I was certain he could, and after a few years of discussion Dan said "Yes!"  The trick became, "what should we do?" We threw around a few ideas and Dan came up with our concept to randomly pick a date in history, then pick a film based on that random date. Dan's lovely partner in crime, David, came up with our name. And Hot Date was born!

It's been three years since we originally launched Hot Date and we thought "why no website?"  Well, here it is and we hope you like it. This is a work in progress but we welcome your comments. Come in and take a look around. There is something for everyone. Happy Spring!

 Episode #1 Hot Date 7/27/1972

Episode #1 Hot Date 7/27/1972

Episode #11 Hot Date 5/24/1981

Episode #21 Hot Date 8/18/1948

Episode #31 Hot Date 12/11/1952

Episode #41 Hot Date 6/28/1998

Episode #51 Hot Date 9/1/1943

Episode #61 Hot Date 12/23/2009